Archives, even family archives, can turn into just boxes of dusty old papers if they aren’t loved and opened to the world.  Even if it contains the most marvelous documents and photographs, an archive isn’t worth much if it doesn’t have an audience and people to behold the wonder of what it contains.

As the designated “Family Historian” I have amassed a huge collection of  original documents and photographs from my parents, grand parents and great-grandparents going back as far as the 1850’s. Many have been scanned, archivally protected, and stored, and I am working on the rest.

This website is my way of sharing the fascinating stories, the photographs, artwork, poetry and stories about and by my anscestors and their families. It is a work-in-progress; pages and posts will be added as material is transcribed.

Depending on the length, some materials will be published here in parts over a period of days or weeks, as I have the data available.

Sibyl Mary Croly

The first subject of this website is my maternal grandmother, Sibyl Mary Croly. Not only was she a prolific writer, she was also very interesting so there there are articles written about her in newspapers and magazine as well. And, bless her heart, she had the good foresight to keep copies of much of it, giving me plenty of content for months or years.