The Record of Little Sibyl

Sibyl Mary Croly, was born in Cadillac, Michigan, on February 29th, 1888, the daughter of James Croly and Maria Amelia (Cowles) (Dennett) Croly. Shortly after her birth, her father started “The Record of Little Sibyl” in a business journal book (the kind with lined and numbered pages).

The first 40 or so pages contain entries from her father, as well as one entry from Aunt Nellie and one from Mary Irene Dennett (Sibyl’s half-sister). The entries go up through 1894, with a later entry dated 1906 by Sibyl when she graduated high school and a final entry from James Croly dated 1910.

The remaining pages of the book contain poems and stories written by Sibyl, as well as some clippings of works she had published.

The “baby journal” portion of the book has been transcribed and is published on this blog in the following posts.