Sibyl Mary Croly

Sibyl Mary Croly, ca 1906 (age 18)

Sibyl Mary Croly was born February 29, 1888, in Cadillac, Michigan, daughter of James Croly and Maria Amelia (Cowles) (Dennett) Croly.

Her early life (up to about age 6) was spent in Michigan. In about 1894 the family moved to the gold country, north of the San Francisco bay area. At some point later they moved to San Jose, where Sibyl graduated high school.

She married Lorraine Joseph (“LJ”) Hanchett, around 1909, probably in San Jose, California. They had five children:

  1. Barbara Josephine, born 6 April 1911, died 1978, married Charles W. Chandler in 1932.
  2. Edward Lorraine, born 4 July 1912, died 1966, married first Clara Waldo, second Pearl Yee.
  3. Willaim Verne, born 26 September 1914, died 1944, married Marion Brimer Baron.
  4. Alfred Robert, Born 18 March 1918, died 24 June 1918.
  5. Hilda Madeline, born 27 February 1920, died 2007, married first James Hulquist and second Paul Fourman.

Sibyl and LJ divorced in September, 1938 (in Reno, Nevada).

Around 1940 Sibyl married Marcus Schneller, who died in 1947.


Sibyl Mary Croly, 1978. Photo was used on the cover of her book of poetry “Mock Us Gently”

Sibyl died at the home of her youngest daughter, Hilda (Hanchett) (Hulquist) Fourman, in Sonoma County, California.

Sibyl’s Life

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