Dream Children

[During her lifetime, Sibyl Mary Croly was a prolific poet. So far I have found over 200 published and unpublished poems. A Square Inch of Space (1974) and Mock Us Gently (1978) contained collections of her works. Numerous other poems were published in newspapers and magazines from 1902 to at least 1978.]

[This poem written by Sibyl Mary Croly, probably sometime during her high school years.]

I was a solitary child,
My playmates phantom children wild,
My foes their aunts sour and old
With whetted tongue made sharp to scold.

One dear decade of childhood glee
My little air friends dwelt with me,
But as these shortening years roll on,
I feel with sorrow they are gone.

They viewed life’s vistas long and fair,
But knew they might not enter there.
They saw the new loves coming fast,
But their place is the dear dim past.

At the dark close of a lost day
They came to me in sad array.
The long procession then began
with “Dream Girl,” “Clara,” “Chocolate Man,”
And others came with wistful eye,
Their time had come to say good-bye.
Dear wee “Rentina” whom I loved
More than the others, sadly moved
And as they went two warm tears fell
My little childish dreams—Farewell.

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    1. “Dream Children” is one of Sibyl’s poems. I’ve been trying to post a poem every other day. This one seemed applicable after the mention of Dream Girl and Chocolate Man in “The Record of Little Sibyl.”

      I will continue to try to post poems every other day, and other content on the opposite days.

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