Only With Music

[During her lifetime, Sibyl Mary Croly was a prolific poet. So far I have found over 200 published and unpublished poems. A Square Inch of Space (1974) and Mock Us Gently (1978) contained collections of her works. Numerous other poems were published in newspapers and magazines from 1902 to at least 1978.]

Only with music can I share
your presence. I can bear
to be in your arms and feel a violin
thrusting its vibrance in
between us; or a flute
high, remote, acute
with spiritual portent, like a cry
out of infinity.

Love’s quality belongs to these; even old songs,
strung with word-tokens minted long ago
and thinned in petty trade, will throw
your glance flaming to mine,
and the old words shine
exquisite, freshly fair
for us, as for the lover who set them there.


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