Too Short a Dream

[During her lifetime, Sibyl Mary Croly was a prolific poet. So far I have found over 200 published and unpublished poems. A Square Inch of Space (1974) and Mock Us Gently (1978) contained collections of her works. Numerous other poems were published in newspapers and magazines from 1902 to at least 1978.]

My father milked the cow by lantern light;
I stood in the shadowy barn, my pony came
and laid a friendly head against my shoulder.
I patted her, and when I left the barn
my dog went running with me toward the house.

This was the whole dream, a scene, a touch
of living memory from a distant past,
and all that day I felt I had been blest,
but I’d have loved to reach the kitchen door
and hear my mother say, “Come set the table.”

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